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Her Vanished Grace - Interview‏

Her Vanished Grace is a New York-based band comprised of Charlie and Nancy Nieland, along with Maria Theodosiadou and Billy Loose. Charlie and Nancy are married, but the seed that would blossom into what today is known as Her Vanished Grace (HVG) began one day in 1986 with a chance meeting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. While Charlie has apparently written songs for Debbie Harry and both Charlie and Nancy have written music for various soundtracks and collaborated with Danny Lackey of Deepfieldview, HVG is their main stint, so to speak.

Her Vanished Grace es una banda originaria de Nueva York compuesta por Charlie y Nielando junto a Maria Theodosiadou y Billy Losse. Charlie y Nancy estan casados, pero la semilla de lo que hoy florece como Her Vanished Grace (HGV) comienza un de de 1986 cuando se conocen por casualidad en el Museo Metropolitano de Arte de Nueva York. Aunque Charlie ha escrito musica para Debbie Harry and ambos Charlie y Nancy han escritos música para diferentes bandas sonoras, ademas de colaborar con Danny Lackey de Deepfieldview, HVG es su principal proyecto.

While the band lineup has changed over the years, Charlie and Nancy have remained HVG’s steadfast pillar. The result: they have finally arrived at a formula for aural gold in Her Vanished Grace. In the past 9 years, this epic group has released a whopping 7 studio albums - Paradise (2004), Get Up (2005), Satellites (2006), Twilight (2007), Blue (2009), See The Moon (2011), and Star-Crossed (2012).

Aunque la alieacion de la banda ha ido cambiando durante los años, Charlie y Nancy  permanecen como el unico pilar de HVG. El resultado:  parecen haber encontrado la formula para el oro aural. Durante los ultimos nueve años, este épico grupo ha lanzado 7 albums de estudio: Paradise (2004), Get Up (2005), Satellites (2006), Twilight (2007), Blue (2009), See The Moon (2011), and Star-Crossed (2012).

Having garnered what is clearly positive press coverage over the years, their most recent LP has received accolades within the blogosphere from Europe to the South and North Americas. We can easily agree with The Sound of Confusion’s assessment that “Her Vanished Grace most definitely come with enough of a seismic sonic assault to stop you dead in your tracks”. This power dreampop, poprock, ethereal and shoegaze kaleidoscope delivers a Technicolor sound that is not to be missed. Their videos are just as captivating as their songs, making for a potent cocktail. It is perhaps everything mentioned above that has, more recently, contributed to their involvement in the Hush Delirium project.
Prescribed for: Dreamers, gazers, anyone wanting to restore their faith in quality music and genuine musicianship

Habiendo logrado muy buenas crticias de la prensa durante ese tiempo, su mas reciente LP  ha tenido una buena recepcion por la blogosfera desde Europa a Sud- América. Facilmente podemos corroborar lo dicho por la web The Sound of Confusion: " Her Vanished Grace tiene definitavemente suficiente fuerza sonica-sismica para detener tu muerte con sus canciones". Este   poderoso kaleidoscopio de  dremapop, poprock, ehereal shoegaze libera un sonido multicolor que no se pueden perder. Sus videos son igual de cautivantes que sus canciones, conjurando un potenten coctel. Falta mencionar que una de sus ultimas contribuciones ha sido para el proyecto Hush Delirirum.

Dosage: As often as you can handle, as loud as you want.
For fans of: Cocteau Twins, U2, Curve, House of Love, Snow in Mexico, Sea Dweller, Ummagma, Jellybelly, Stargazer Lilies, Ask for Joy, Panda Riot, Lightfoils, Highspire, Dead Leaf Echo


- How did you come to create music?

Our music grew out of our friendship and then our marriage. We loved the same Cure, Cocteau Twins and Love and Rockets records and we started making music inspired by those and lots of other stuff. Eventually we met Maria then Billy and they've been our friends and band mates for over a decade. Her Vanished Grace has explored lots of different styles which makes it hard to categorize what we do. We call it power dream pop.

- Can you talk about your previous releases or projects?

Well we have a lot of previous projects and you can check them all out at our Bandcamp page:http://hervanishedgrace.bandcamp.com/
We like them all but we especially love our most recent albums BLUE (2009), SEE THE MOON (2011) and STAR-CROSSED (2012). We've evolved a great method of working; we record together in the summer, we eat some Mexican food and we laugh and then we record a whole bunch of guitars and vocals and then we mix it for several months and then it's done.

- What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

We're influenced by beauty and nature; everything from art by Balthus and Klimt, the writing of Joseph Campbell and the Bronte sisters, the music, of My Bloody Valentine, Kate Bush and Interpol, our favorite movies like Donnie Darko and Mulholland Drive and million other things. 

- How would you describe your sound?

Urgent, swirly, sad and joyful with loud drums, stabby bass, lots of lush, abrasive guitars and luminous boy/girl vocals.

- What can you tell us about your songwriting process?

Some songs start in the rehearsal room with spontaneous moments and with a little writing get turned into songs. Others start as songs that Nancy and Charlie write and then Maria and Billy create their parts.

- What do you have to say about the state of music today?

It's good that the walls have come down for artists to be able to make their own high quality recordings now that the technology is so widely available. There are so many choices for listeners now though, it's more of a challenge for artists to get their music heard. Both the music making and marketing require creativity and open minded thinking.

- What's next for you as an artist?

After our last albums, which have been increasingly layered and dense with noise, the next project is based on acoustic guitar textures. It's called ICE AGE and we're working on it now. We've also contributed vocals, guitars and production to Danny Lackey's project Deepfieldview. We're also playing Her Vanished Grace shows and we'll be conjuring ideas for a future loud rock album.

- What recent music can you recommend?

Paul Banks new solo record BANKS
School of Seven Bells GHOSTORY
New Bowie song "Where Are We Now?"
Ummagma's albums ANTIGRAVITY and UMMAGMA

How important is it for artists to help each other?

This has been crucial throughout our experience. The alliances formed with other bands and artists have been a major factor in helping everyone's music get out there and helping the music itself evolve. Our NYC friends like Dead Leaf Echo, Stargazer Lilies, Oh Halo, Me You Us Them and Apollo Heights are always getting each other on their bills or showing up in support at the shows themselves. In the world of the internet, especially in the past year or two, we've found allies in so many bands like Drowner, A*Star, Ummagma, The Foreign Resort, Bloody Knives, Echodrone and lots more. We all help create buzz about each other and it's made a huge difference in how we all are able to reach more people with our music.

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Makeshivt Kity- An interview with Jordannah Elizabeth

Music Journalist, music promoter and musician, Jordannah Elizabeth is a person totally compromised with art and music in all the possible ways. In this opportuniy we have the pleasure  to share a few questions  about her work and her music as Makeshivt Kity, her solo musical project that will release a new album "Harvest Time" on march, and will have colaborations from members of The Flying Eyes, Scorpion Child, and The Vandelles.

Periodista musical, promotora musical y artista también  Jordannah Elizabeth es una persona totalmente comprometida con el arte y la música en todas las maneras posibles. En estas oportunidad tuvimos el gusto de compartir algunas preguntas acerca de su trabajo y su música como Makeshivt Kity, su proyecto musical solista que lanzara su nuevo álbum "Harvest Time" en marzo de este año, que contara con colaoraciones de miembros de The Flying Eyes, Scorpion Child, y The Vandelles

Makeshivt Kity music is a mix of all the different Jordannah musical influences put into songs where she express her fellings about  life. A deep voice melted among acoustic tunes and electronic sounds, creating an relaxing  atmosphere with some psychedelic details. Jordannah's voice is very expressive, this is the most important Makeshivt Kity instument. Her lyrics give us a view of her fellings, sometimes reminding Mazzy Star more acoustic songs. Makeshivt Kity music create enchanting melodies and delicated no conventional pop sounds.

La música de Makeshivt Kity es una mezcla de todas las influencias musicales de Jordannah puestas en canciones en las cuales expresa sus sentimientos hacia la vida. Una voz profunda  entre acordes acústicos y sonidos electrónicos  creando una atmósfera relajante adornada con algunos detalles de psicodelia. La voz de Jordannah es muy expresiva, este es el instrumento mas importante de Makeshivt Kity. Sus letras nos dan una ventana a sus sentimientos a veces recordando las canciones mas acústicas de Mazzy Star. Makeshivt Kity crea melodías encantadoras y delicadas canciones pop no convencionales.

- How did you come to create music?

Well, I always thought of myself as a writer, and I actually started out studying mass communications like television, radio, film and computer science. My father had a radio show when my brothers and I were young, and he was a popular preacher, so we were always around people and at events. He was on television every week because he went to a large church and sat on the pulpit. The services were broadcasted every Sunday.

Music? I guess I transitioned from writing stories, scripts and poems to writing songs. My mom bought me a guitar when I was 13 years old. It was a Christmas present. I taught myself to play it and wrote songs. It came naturally.

I ended up going to college and studying music after I found out the English program didn’t have enough students interested in literature, to allow me to major….

So music has always taken precedent in my life by default. I love it. I’m obsessed with it, but kind of more on an analytical level. Makeshivt Kity albums are birthed through concepts and stories, more than my feelings.

- Can you talk about your previous releases or projects?

Yeah, I named myself Makeshivt Kity at a bar in a small town in Colorado called Manitou Springs. I was 18, and I played the singer/songwriter night and the open mic night every week. Makeshivt Kity means, that I’m a girl who is just kind of self made, from all these little experiences and elements of life.

I recorded a couple of lofi albums of a Roland 4 track recorder in Denver that never came to light. They were lost albums called “Dagger of Love” and “I Will Kill You with My Dagger of Love”…which was a quote, and some type of sexy threat by my producer from Witchta, Kansas called Lowgun. He told me, “I will kill you with my dagger of love, I will kill you with my dagger of passion…”, and I was like “woah”…

My professional career stated with Makeshivt Kity’s “Los Angeles EP”. I recorded with this music genius savant, called Tall City in his attic in Colorado Springs, CO. I wrote it after living in Los Angeles, and drinking too much and getting burned out and dumped by a musician I was dating, and I recorded the album in 7 days. I moved back to L.A. after the album was done and ended up homeless. Nonetheless, warner bros. called me and were interested in this weird ass little lofi album I did. I did some label shopping, but decided to publish my albums on a small net label in Spain called Trastienda.org.

The Holy Implant LP was the next record. It was a follow up to the Los Angeles EP. My life had taken a terrible down turn between albums and The Holy Implant LP is very very dark. It’s about a woman who was slowly losing her mind. I was very influenced by The Warlocks then and the album reflects that a bit.

Love Forever was about a rock star ex boyfriend and our relationship, and how it ended.


- What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

Nina Simone, Betty Carter, The Warlocks, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Blondie, Apollo Heights, Bach, Mozart, John Coltrane, Jacob Hales…lofi tape music, anti folk, minimalism, psych rock, classical art songs and arias, men, lovers, musicians, artists, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, sex, time, love, compassion, spiritually, Christianity, God, Death, pain, lies, drama, passion, intrigue, karma…life.

- How would you describe your sound?

Depends on the album. But I guess I can sum it up as, psychedelic soul music.

- What can you tell us about your songwriting process?

Eh, it generally takes about two years to produce a new album. I have to live a while to write an MK album. I think, I feel and once I feel like I’ve learned enough or have a concept in mind, I slowly work towards creating songs. I write songs on an acoustic guitar. I usually collaborate with super weird off kilter producers, but this new album Harvest Time was done all by me on garage band. I didn’t enjoy recording the entire album on my own. I like working with people who think and create differently than I do.

- What do you have to say about the state of music today?

Music is art. Music is a creation. It always will be. Whether songs are written on a beat machine or are laced with auto tune, they come from a human soul and human hands. No one can take that away from us. So, I don’t worry about anything else.

- What's next for you as an artist?

Promo, travel and live shows.

- What recent music can you recommend?

Bands I’m literally following right now:
Smoke Bellow, The Water, Whoarfrost, The Flying Eyes, The Warlocks, Romantic States, Dead Meadow, Robson Gomes (Robsongs)…

Music I play constantly:
Dead Meadow and Betty Carter