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Everything Ukraine: New Single from Nameless featuring Ummagma

Musica Media is pleased to present a preview of the new joint single by the Ukrainian psych-rock band Nameless (UA, Ternopil) featuring Ummagma. The latter group released its two debut albums in mid-July, which we reviewed here and whose video we reviewed here, and the Canadian/Ukrainian duo has already been recording new material. While Nameless may be somewhat less known on the international music scene than in their native Ukraine, they are not a new group at all. In fact, Nameless is considered to be one of the ‘grandfathers’ of indie rock music in Ukraine, where both bands are currently living.

Es para MusicaMedia un gusto presentar este adelanto del split single de Ummagma junto a la banda de rock psicodelico Nameless( (UA, Ternopil). Ummagma  lanzo sus dos albums debut a mediados de julio, los cuales reseñanos hace un tiempo, igual que uno de sus videos. Namless aunque es relativamente nuevo en la escena internacional, llevan bastante como banda.De hecho Nameless es considerada como una de las bandas primigenias de la escena indie-rock en Ucrania, donde ambos proyectos residen ahora.

The song "Dandelions and Bees" was recorded and produced by Alexx Kretov (from Ummagma) in Ummagma’s own studio in Kremenets, western Ukraine. Sweetlana Forlove, the vocalist in Nameless, and Zoryan Bezkorovajny, the group’s founder and mastermind, explain that this is a song about an amazing vision, inspired by life in the city of Ternopil, where they currently live. The lyrics are based on the writings of Vasyl Makhno, a celebrated Ukrainian poet, who now lives in New York. 

La cancion "Dandelions and Bees" fue grabada y producida por Alexx Kretov ( de Ummagma) en el estudio de Ummagma en Kremenets al oeste de Ucrania. Sweetlana Forlove la vocalista de Nameless, y Zoryan Bezkorovajny el fundador del grupo y cerebro detras de la banda, explican que la cancion esta basada sobre una sorprendente vision inspirada por la vida en la ciudad de Ternopil, donde viven actualmente. La letra esta basada en los escritos de Vasyl Makhno un celebre poeta Ucraniano, que ahora reside en Nueva York.

As for Nameless, this neo-psychedelic (some say psych-folk) band was founded in 1992 and continues to be a celebrated veteran of the indie rock scene, with many groups of that era having disbanded long ago. Like Ummagma, the leaders of Nameless are also married, which could be one of the secrets to their long-standing success. This band’s repertoire is rooted in the aesthetics of the 1960s, and their original renditions feature a wonderful unique style “that breathes high and positive energy”, explains Mike Cormier, the head of the Davenport Collective, the Cleveland-based indie label that Nameless is signed to.

En cuanto a Nameless, esta banda neo-psicodelica ( o de folk-psicodelico podria decirse) fue fundada en 1992 y continuna siendo un gran referente de la escena indie rock, tomando en cuenta que muchos grupos de esa epoca se desunieron hace mucho. Igual que Ummagma los lideres de Nameless estan casados , lo que podria tomarse como uno de los secretos de su largo exito como banda. Su repertorio incluye  temas de los años 60's mientras que sus canciones originales tienen un maravilloso y único estilo  que respira grandes dosis de buena energia, explica Mike Cornier, el cerebro de Davenport Collective, el sello independiente con base en Cleveland del que Nameless hace parte.

Both Ummagma, which has been making music for 8 years, and their older siblings Nameless, who recently celebrated their 20th anniversary, are two indie bands that don’t follow the standard showbiz pattern and they are happy to follow their individual paths. So far, both groups have defied all such standards of mass culture.

Ummagma ha estado haciendo música durante 8 años, y sus hermanos mayores Nameless han celebrado recientemente su 20 aniversario, ambas bandas no se rigen por las reglas del negocio musical y están felices de seguir su propio camino, desafiando con su música el standar de la música comercial

So, despite geographic proximity, it is no surprise that these two bands have also teamed up musically. For those who have not yet encountered Ummagma’s music, their first two albums brought the world an epic soundscape mixture of dreampop, progressive rock, post-rock, post-punk, ethereal/ambient, and indie rock rarely seen since the early 4AD era. This latest release represents a welcome addition to the band’s repertoire as it takes them beyond their already-wide range of musical genres into what appears to be new and welcoming territory. As for Nameless, this song is a pleasant introduction to our listeners and we look forward to hearing more from this East European group

Tomando en cuenta la cercanía geográfica, no es una sorpresa que esta dos bandas se hayan juntado musicalmente. Para los que no han tenido la oportunidad de escuchar Ummagma, sus dos albums debut muestran una mezcla de dreampop, rock progresivo, post-rock. post-punk, ethereal/ambient, y Indie rock raramente visto desde las primeras bandas del sello 4AD. Este ultimo lanzamiento agrega al repertorio de la banda una nueva dimension a su ya amplio abanico de sonidos, llevandolos a un nuevo territorio. En cuanto a Nameless  es una buena manera de presentarlos a nuestros lectores y escuchas y esperamos pronto traerles mas novedades de esta banda del Este de Europa.

Sweetlana Forlove - vocals, tambourine, keyboards 

Zoryan Bezkorovajny - guitar, vocals 

Alexx Kretov - guitar, drums, recording, producing



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Easy Listening By Black Market karma ( Flower Power Records)

Flower Power Records is a true independent record label, where, as stated by the founders, “We are free to make our own decisions, all based on music”. Obviously it's necessary to make money to keep a business alive and we feel the best way to do this is to always put bands and their music first. F.P.R was created by "Supersonic" Mark to give Black Market Karma the ability to make and release their music in the way that they want it to sound.

Flower Power Records is not a closed shop, as they have recently added Dead Rabbits to the label and are looking forward to working with more great bands. On the label’s Facebook page, fans have the opportunity to share their music, videos, art, events and news, not to mention connect with Flower Power Records and share the love

Black Market Karma is an England based band formed by Stan Belton, Mike Sutton, Sam Thompson Garido, Mat Salerno, Louisa Pili & Tom Parker. This year, besides touring extensively through Europe, they have released three albums. Their debut "Comatose" was released on January 1, 2012, "Cocoon" was released on June 29, 2012, and the most recent album "Easy Listening" represents the last ‘must listen’ production from this dynamic groundbreaking band.

Black Market Karma es una banda inglesa formada por Stan Belton, Mike Sutton, Sam Thompson Garido, Mat Salerno, Louisa Pili & Tom Parker. Este año ademas de tocar en distintas partes de Europa, han lanzando tres albums. Su debut " Comotase" salio el 1 de enero del 2012, "Cocoon" fue lanzado el 29 de Junio, y su mas reciente trabajo, " Easy Listening"  es la ultima producción de esta dinámica y potente banda.

A band releasing three albums in a year is not typically seen in this day and age, and certainly is unparalleled to the historical pattern for bands. It is even more outstanding when a band can make all three of these albums great ones, which is what Black Market Karma has pulled off. The fact is that Black Market Karma has delivered three powerful pieces of music – the result of having extensive musical freedom and such great musical capacities. Besides touring, they have spent most of the year in the studio, creating these three brother albums, which now represent their musical identity and number among the most outstanding independent productions of the year.

Que una banda lancé tres albums es algo bastante raro en esta época, y es algo poco común para la mayoría de las bandas. Es aun asi mas sorprendente cuando una banda lanza tres albums excelentes en un año, que es sencillamente lo que ha hecho Black Market Karma- resultado de tener una amplia libertad musical y grandes talentos. Ademas de tocar, han pasado gran parte del año en estudio, creando estos tres albums hermanos que ahora representan su identidad musical y se pueden contar entre las producciones independientes mas importantes del año.

Black Market Karma’s music is highly influenced by all periods of psychedelic music, from the Velvet Underground through to Brian Jonestown Massacre, with hints of such well established bands as Spacemen 3 and others like My bloody Valentine or The Beatles. The result is a powerful balance among the noisy and swirling guitars, hypnotic bass lines and omnipresent drums. While they apply the old psychedelic formula, they do it their own unique way, resulting in what is clearly exciting and intoxicating music.

El sonido de Black Market Karma esta altamente influenciado por la psicodelia de todos los tiempos, desde The Velvet Underground a Brian Jonestown Massacre, con toques de bandas tan grandes como Spacemen 3 otras como  My Bloody Valentine o The Beatles  El resultado es un poderoso balance entre noise, torrentes de guitarras, bajo hipnótico y una batería constante y sonante. Usan la vieja formula psicodelica, adaptándola a su propia manera dando como resultado una excelente e intoxicante música.

I have to say that I had my doubts about this third album, but after spending the night with "Easy Listening", there is no doubt that Black Market Karma have done it again. This is a concise album balanced between amazing calculated doses of noise, amazing riff guitars and an easy and calming voice that sends you into hypnotic trance, song after song. It would be difficult to choose just one album from the three Black Market Karma releases, but one this is evident – this new album is another important step in the band’s career

Tengo que decir que tenia mis dudas sobre este tercer album, pero despues de pasar la noche con " Easy Listening" no hay duda que Black Market karma lo ha hecho de nuevo, Este es un trabajo conciso balanceado entre sorprendentes dosis calculadas de noise, riffs de guitarra increibles, y una voz perfecta y calmada que te manda en todo un trance hipnotico, cancion tras cancion. Seria muy dificil elegir un solo album de entre los tres trabajos de esta banda, pero algo esta claro- este nuevo albums es otro paso importante en su carrera

Black Market Karma is part of Flower Power Records, an independent record label that is making its way in the world of music. Along wih label mates Dead Rabbits, they are keeping the England psychedelic tradition alive – both projects are highly recommended. Moreover, they are spreading the power of their music as far and wide as possible, having made their amazing music available to us for free. The only logical and adequate response would be to listen to their music and support them

Black Market Karma es parte de Flower Power Records, un sello independiente que esta abriendose camino en el mundo de la musica. Junto con sus compañeros de sello The Dead Rabbits, mantienen con vida la tradicion psicodelica inglesa- ambos proyectos son altamente recomendables. Ademas, estan llevando el poder de su musica a todos los lugares posibles. No estan dando su gran musica gratuitamente desde la pagina de Flowe Power Records asi que la unica respuesta logica es escucharlos y apoyarlos.