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Ummagma- Their Two debut albums

Ummagma is an indie duo that includes Alexx (Sasha) Kretov and Shauna McLarnon, who first met in Moscow back in 2003, where they began to make music together. They are now based in Ukraine and, after eight years together (as musicians and as a couple), they have finally released two debut albums at the same time – a non-standard approach, albeit an interesting one.

Ummagma es un dúo indie compuesto por Alexx (Sasha) Kretov y Shauna McLarnon, que se conocieron en Moscú en el año 2003, donde comenzaron a hacer música. Ahora ubicados en Ucrania y después de 8 años juntos (como músicos y como pareja) acabaron de lanzar dos álbums como debut- algo poco común y arriesgado.

Given the fact that Alexx is Ukrainian and that Shauna is Canadian, the two evidently have different origins and histories, not to mention divergent music influences. These are perhaps some of the factors that have ultimately made Ummagma such a potent musical cocktail. Not only do they represent a delightful and broad mish-mash of genres – dream pop, ethereal, post-rock, post-punk, progressive rock, shoegaze and ambient – but they can sometimes even mix different genres right within a song. The effect is impressive – this duo has effectively generated what can be considered a unique dreamy dynamic and eclectic sound.

Tomando en cuenta que Alexx es Ucraniano y Shauna Canadiense, ambos evidentemente tienen diferentes orígenes e historias,  e influencias musicales, haciendo de Ummagma un poderoso coctel musical. Su música no solo es una encantadora mezcla de géneros-– dream pop, ethereal, post-rock, post-punk, progressive rock, shoegaze and ambient – sino también una mezcla de estos géneros dentro de la misma canción. El efecto resultante es impresionante- el sonido de este dúo puede ser catalogado como único, dinámico y ecléctico.
Ummagma seems to represent a balance between Alexx’s and Shauna’s personalities and their music guides us through the group’s development – the self-titled album “Ummagma” gives us some insight into their earlier years together in Moscow and Kiev, while “Antigravity” reflects a mix of melancholy and extreme joy of migration, the arrival of a child, and their different life experiences in Canada and Ukraine. The listener can get aurally lost in these journeys – with Alexx’s dreamy voice and impressive instrumental skill, and with Shauna’s intoxicating vocals, together they create diverse rich atmospheres set against luscious dream pop soundscapes and textures. Together, their twin debut albums include 24 songs that are so good that they really should be heard together. 

Ummagma es en si una balance entre las personalidades de sus dos integrantes y su música nos lleva a través de su historia,- su álbum  “Ummagma” nos lleva a sus primeros años juntos en Moscu y Kiev, mientras que “Antigravity”  es una mezcla entre la melancolía y la alegría, de sucesos como su migración, la llegada de su primer hijo, y sus diferentes experiencias en Canada y Ucrania. Es facil perderse en sus pasajes- la voz ensoñadora de Alexxx y su gran habilidad como instrumentista. La encantadora voz de Shauna crean juntas diferentes atmosferas ambientadas a través de pasajes y texturas Dream-pop. Juntos sus dos álbums debut suman 24 canciones que vale la pena escuchar.


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  1. Thanks for this brilliant review - this article makes for a good read, introducing us to this unknown band and their music. Now you've really made me intrigued so I will have to go out and track down these chaps on the net and I assume, from the sounds of it, I won't be disappointed….

  2. Hello Jairo - I see that you have finally turned on the comments option on this article within the past few hours... Thank you for that. I just wanted to thank you very much for writing this article about Ummagma. I think you have done a great job and we really appreciate your kind words.
    We wish you great luck with this new project and with Latino America Shoegaze.

    Thanks again! Shauna (from Ummagma)

  3. Hallo Jairo, vielen Danke für ein Verrückte sein. Diese Blog ist sehr interessant und es ist auch ein edel Arbeit auf dein Seite. Musik, andere Realität.. wir fühlen das überall.. (or something like that haha) ich wünsche dir Glücklichkeit.. mein Freund.

    1. Merci Beaucoup Julia! je n'ai pas été capable l'allemagne d'apprendre mais c'est une langage tres interesant, merci pour ton appui, Tu sais que tu es bienvenue a participer de cette espace, et de tout mes espaces ma cherie :)


  4. It would be nice to see more stories on this lovely young band in future. After reading your article, I saw the videos on this page and several more on YouTube and I think I have fallen in love with both of these guys (well, guy + girl)... thank you. ~ Julie